Sunday, January 4, 2009

Obama's slence cowardice in the face of genocide

Did we miss something? Bill Richardson just withdrew from Obama's cabinet on the shaky pretense that his confirmation might be delayed in the senate because of some business issue between the state of new mexico and its suppliers.

At the same time Israel is murdering hundreds of civilians in Gaza using the most advanced military equipment ever employed in the sad history of human warfare against Gaza's essentially unarmed residents- you can't call them citizens because they have no real state.

As Israel's minister said this morning a negotiated cease fire is not possible at this time because Israel is a sovreign state and hamas is not. The only option she put forward is for hamas to stop the rockets that have killed possibly 5 people - fewer people than died of drug overdoses, car accidents and a million other causes that don't have a military solution. In the absence on this action and with US support, Israel will continue its revenge murders of the Palestinian residents of Gaza.

What is George Bush's position on the Israeli action. What is the position of the president almost universally reviled as the worst american president in history? Is Israeli action consistent with his professed 'culture of life' In fact, his position on this matter is probably based on the book of revelation. He is actively supporting Israel's anihilation of Palestinians along with the extremist christian faction that he supports in the United States.

Obama's silence on this issue is inexcusable. he is complicit in the murder of innocents that is now taking place in Gaza. The excuse that america has only one president may apply on economic matters but in cases of mass murder it doesn't wash. In the case of Gaza, Obama is endorsing Israel and George Bush. I have sufficient respect for Bill Richardson to believe that he has withdrawn from Obama's cabinet not for the reason's stated but because of Obama's cowardice in the face of Israeli genocide

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caligata said...

on cbc's sunday edition this morning, a jordan-based journalist said that hamas had offered to suspend rocket attacks in return for ending israel's economic blockade against gaza.

whatever the perceived consequences of an end to the blockade - on israel's part - how could an all-out assault have been preferable?

the mind boggles.