Saturday, August 7, 2010

Salon's Attack on Wiener Unfair and Unwarranted


Isn't this just like the "liberal" media. If a Democrat delivers a stirring attack on Republicans for their gutless refusal to aid first responders who sacrificed their health saving those injured on 9-11, he should obviously be taken down a few pegs by the arm-chair commentators at Salon. As far as the Muslim community center is concerned, I have no objection to its location near the 9-11 site but I can understand why some people have difficulty warming to the level of support demanded by the monday-morning quarterbacks at Salon. As an atheist, I'm condemned to eternal torture by all three of the major religions - even by their most peace-loving clerics - so frankly Salon, I hope you'll excuse me for not giving a damn. Kudos to Wiener. Shame on Salon

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