Friday, June 26, 2009

"The Fellowship" response to Alec Baldwin on Huffington

Alec Baldwin, I agree, it's too easy to be diverted from the real issues such as health care, by a few shoddy stories of extra-marital affairs by John Ensign and Mark Sanford. But it is noteworthy that these men are connected to a christian fellowship "cell" located at 133 C Street in Washington whose objective is to

"construct a Kingdom of God on earth with Washington as its capital. They would do so "behind the scenes," lest they be accused of pride or a hunger for power, and "beyond the din of vox populi," which is to say, outside the bounds of democracy. To insiders, the cells were known as the Family, or the Fellowship. To most outsiders, they were not known at all."

The operation of these cells was described in Jeff Sharlett's article in the Rolling Stone three years ago. It's on the 'net and worth reading for anyone who wants to understand the behaviour of the current crop of republicans in congress. It might also explain the reference to "c Street" in Mark Sanford's wandering apology.

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