Monday, June 22, 2009

Republicans are hypocrites on Iran

As key Republicans are exposed as hypocrites on "family values" they have collectively shown themselves to be hypocrites on foreign policy issues.

When Iranians elected their first democratic government under Mohammed Mossadegh, Truman resisted demands from Churchill, the Republicans and U. S. security agencies to overthrow Mossadegh and replace him with a dictator who would do the American's bidding. When Republican Eisenhower came to office with John Foster Dulles as Secretary of State, the CIA was given free rein in Iran using assassination, kidnapping, torture and intimidation to overthrow their democratically elected government. I'm talking about the same CIA that hired Klaus Barbie, the Nazi 'butcher of Lyon' and smuggled him out of Europe to work for them in Bolivia, the same CIA that trained death squads and torturers throughout the Americas and under the dictatorship of the Shah of Iran - coincidently the same CIA that according to John Boehner would never lie to Nancy Pelosi.

Now these same Republicans who set out to destroy democracy wherever it appeared on the planet including Iran are attacking president Obama for not being more supportive of Iranians demonstrating against a crooked election. The fact is, that if the Republicans were in office, their administration - if history is a guide - would be supporting those weilding the truncheons. tear gas and machine guns.

In fact, the Republicans are exploiting the blood courageously shed by Iranian demonstrators to launch a cowardly attack against Obama simply to improve their chances in the next mid-term elections.


niki said...

some comments from huffington post

Posted 01:45 PM on 06/23/2009
- + zerotimes10

"The Horror. The Horror."

Posted 02:59 PM on 06/23/2009
- + Eyckie

Posted by NIKINOMO because I think this says it all. Great article too but this line really shows what people are thinking of the Greedy Old Party.

"In fact, the Republicans are exploiting the blood courageously shed by Iranian demonstrators to launch a cowardly attack against Obama simply to improve their chances in the next election."

The next eleciton will show them but will they learn from it? NO!

Posted 03:08 PM on 06/23/2009
- + Mycall

That last paragraph was really all that needed to be said. Speaks volumes that any group of people could be that self absorbed that they would use such a pivotol moment as an opportunity to attempt to elevate themselves.

Posted 03:14 PM on 06/23/2009
- + Andrea Soule I

Well stated. Thank you

niki said...

more comment from huffington

Nikinomo and WestcoastSteve are right on the mark. I couldn't have said it better. The most disturbing aspect of the situation is that the right wing attack machine that is the GOP refuses to find anything at all about which they can agree with the President. Their incompetence, mendacity, cowardice, and immorality in authorizing and prosecuting the two wars we're already funding can only be matched by their hubris in denying their own history of incompetence, mendacity, cowardice and immorality. What would they have President Obama do? Would they have him declare war on Iran, because of its failure to hold a fair election, when their party stole an entire Presidency? Would they send our troops to their peril, once again, ignoring our history in Iran and the true hatred held for the US by so many in the Middle East, precipitating further confrontations with al Qaeda when our military is already stretched to the breaking point? All they offer is criticism with no viable solutions.
Posted 03:26 PM on 06/23/2009